Tokujin Yoshioka: “Waterfall” Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation Gallery, Sydney

I went to a fantastic exhibition with my very dear friend Anna earlier this year. Tokujin Yoshioka piece “Waterfall” was simply breath-taking and so beautiful.I was so glad to have caught this exhibition and also to have seen the accompanying video which documented not only his work but the collaboration he has had with Swarovski, in particular his design of the exterior of the store.

Tokujin Yoshioka at the SCAF gallery in Sydney

Covers for shoes?

The beautiful instillation.

The "mounds" almost look like snow, but are created with clear straws

This almost looks like a block of ice or a piece of a running water

The "running water" glass

Inside the "running water" glass

The clear straws used to create the snow like "mounds"

My lovely friend Anna who came with me to the exhibition on the recommendation of her aunt. So glad I went!

The outside of the Swarovski store, Pitt Street Mall, Sydney

Swarovski store that Yoshioka designed.

Like shards of crystal it is very beautiful.

Close up of the Swarovski store in Pitt Street Mall, Sydney


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