Street Art – Manly, Sydney Australia

I have become perhaps a little obsessed with street art in Sydney and I have been trawling though all of my photos on my hard drive and came across these photos taken a few years ago in Manly, Sydney. There is a small alley way connecting The Corso with Rialto Square. There is a cobbler that has been there for years and a pharmacy. This artwork was commissioned and I am not too sure who the artist(s) were to designed and produced this piece but it has been here for years. I really like it – if you know who the artist(s) are, please drop me a line on my contact page, I would really like to attribute this post to them. Next time you are in Manly, check it out.

Just near the cobblers shop in Manly

The wall, looking towards Rialto Square, Manly, Sydney

Is this one of the artist? If it is, please message me so I can attribute this work to them 🙂

Another one of the artist?

Check out the slide show below for more photos of this great piece of street art.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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