First Artist Date -Paddy’s Market Sydney

I am reading a new book, “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron, about how to unlock your creativity and get past creative blocks and one of the exercises is to take yourself on an “artist date”.

Once a week, I am taking a few hours a week to take your inner artist out, by myself. One of the examples she gave was to visit a junk store and so I thought that I would take a trip to the largest junk store in Sydney, Paddy’s Market in Haymarket.

Part of my date was to take $20 and look for fun, interesting objects that would jump-start a bit of creativity inside of me. Below are the three little things I bought, just because they interest me.

I love these wooden japanese dolls

A chinese “Lucky Cat”

A small and large silk flower hair pins

I also took my camera to take a few pictures that interested me. So part of my blog now, will be to explore how I am looking past the creative block, to listen to the inner artist child within me and to quell the annoying inner “censor” and explore what I love. To be creative.

Lovely Japanese light shades


Chinese costume dolls

Ummm…. kangaroo bottle openers…. I’ll leave it to you to guess what part of Australia’s national mascot is used.

Ahhh….. so soothing…..


Umm.. not too sure what this says – please message me via my contact page if you can translate 🙂

I wonder if you throw this it will come back?

A lot of silver and a lot of skull and cross bones

Legs legs legs…. selling stockings

Basketball shirts

If you ever need a french maids outfit?

Crazy bag but I like it!

Cartoon characters


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