Hello, I’m Jennifer and I am a graphic designer living in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney in the sun

I love looking at life and the simplicity and the complexity of it and I wanted to share things that I really like. That’s how the idea of this wee little blog came about. I wanted to share my interests, inspirations and things that make me happy. Whether it’s on my daily walks across Sydney’s amazing Harbour Bridge or on my travels to France, this blog I hope will plant a few seeds of thought!

In Eze with a cocktail in hand - happy days!

I live here in Sydney, Australia. I was born here and have spent almost seven years living in London and traveling about.

On the banks of the Thames with the Gherkin and St Pauls. My feet a wet but so happy to be in my favourite city

In that time I met some many great people, seen great sights and really loved living overseas. I returned back to Sydney in 2008 and really started to think about what I wanted to achieve and what I truly did love in life. I had always wanted to have a job that involved being creative. So I gave up a good job in account management and retrained as a graphic designer. So by day I work in a corporate environment and in my spare time I would like to do activities that help me express my creativity.

Sculpture By The Sea

So thanks for stopping by! It’s all a bit of a work in progress at the moment, but change is “a foot”, so if you want to keep in the loop, click the “Stopping By To Follow” button or even better still, drop me a line!

Jen x


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